The Planet Itself

The planet Trezzuritag is the setting of my first MTG Cardsmith Expansion. (Yeah, it's going to be awful.) It's not really one setting in particular, but instead a collection.

Here are some of the types of creatures on Trezzuritag :

  • Carcinii (Crab people with civilization loosely mimicking the Roman Empire)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Golems (Typical artifact creatures)
  • Gnurls (Small, humanoid creatures with little intelligence, somewhat a hybrid of kobolds and gnolls)
  • Humans (Of course!)
  • Plants
  • Triflings (Cheeky and cheerful halflings)

Important Characters

Maddox (Planeswalker)

Necronius (Planeswalker)

Set Planning

Each colour is to have 40 cards, making for at least 200 cards in the set. Around 40 - 60 colourless and multicoloured cards are hoped for to round out the set. (I'll probably never get round to this, but it's nice to have a goal.)

For each colour we want:

  • 24 Commons (Good all around staples)
  • 12 Uncommons (Slightly more niche cards)
  • 3 Rares (Powerful but usually need build arounds)
  • 1 Mythic Rare (Usually a capstone of a deck archetype, or a very specific tech card)
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