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Trifling Commando

Card Description

2 WW

Creature - Trifling Warrior

3/2 Uncommon

Double Strike, Mentor

Trifling Commando can't be blocked by creatures with power 3 or greater.

This particular halfling enjoys taking the fight to his enemies instead.

Strategy and Tactics

That's a very potent text box! Double Strike can make use of the 3 power, making the creature a 6/2 if not facing off an enemy with First Strike. The Mentor ability means the Commando is most effective in decks where you are running 1/2's or 2/2's, although it can still work in decks with bigger creatures. Good for the top end of an aggro deck or as a tech card to trade into big monsters. Its weakness, and it's a big one, is its 2 toughness, which means it can removed with a 1 mana spell quite frequently, making for a horrible tempo loss for you. If you can bait out your opponents cheap removal, the Commando is tough to beat on the board. If you can buff it, say to even a 4/3, it becomes exponentially better.