Trifling Swordsman

Trifling Swordsman.png
Trifling Swordsman

Card Description

1 W

Creature - Trifling Warrior

2/1 Common

First Strike

Trifling Swordsman can't be blocked by creatures with power 3 or greater.

Small, but ruthlessly effective at defending their homes. (Seems a bit brutal, may change.)

Strategy and Tactics

The Trifling Swordsman is a good fit for an aggressive white deck. First Strike allows it to pick off other 2 and even some 3 drops without trading. In addition, it can't be blocked by any creatures with power 3 or greater, which means you can sneak some damage in if your opponent only has big creatures. Having 1 toughness does make it very vulnerable to pings, however.

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